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Welcome to a World of Taste

At Raman’s we love the food we eat and our love affair with food can be traced from our roots in Southern India across the Middle East and America to the United Kingdom. Along the way we’ve acquired some distinctive regional flavours and it’s all come together in our creative kitchen in York.
Raman’s Handmade Relish is the result of our passion to produce mouthwatering food. For us, delicious accompaniments are more than just a bit on the side – they make or break the dish. We take enormous care to unleash the hidden delicacy and power from our freshly-ground spices. It’s a labour of love to combine them with just the right fruit and vegetables. We hesitate to say that we relish the challenge – but we do – of sharing our secrets with your palate.
Diverse, contemporary, traditional, delicious. As a spread, a cooking-paste or accompanying something savoury, you might find Raman’s handmade Relish becomes a little compulsive….we can’t leave it alone!




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